Road Tripping with Self Drive Uganda

Uganda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa. Its size isn’t the issue but its remarkable wildlife species is something to talk about. Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa and taking a self drive trip down to one of its 10 magnificent national parks to view some of the most outstanding wild creatures that have positioned this landlocked country on the world map. Besides wildlife species, Uganda also offers the most stunning scenery and exciting cultural encounters. For birders, there is no need to doubt about this small country, you will find over 10 of the world’s popular bid species in various habitats and most importantly the big game-elephants, leopards, tree climbing lions, cape buffaloes and rhinos. As well, never forget to spark imaginations with the charismatic mountain gorillas in the wild.

Surprisingly, the new trend of exploring the country on your own on self drive tours has come up and become of importance. With self drive safaris, visitors do not simply sit back and being driven by the tour guide, but it is time for visitor himself to hit the road on his own with guide of a GPS.

Self drive tours are also referred as road trips, whereby when tourist comes with an idea of traveling to given destination with the aim of discovering that particular destination’s attractions. Travelers do everything on their own including planning the itinerary, getting accommodation, time to travel and what time to be where. After you are done with planning, you simply contact Self Drive Uganda to only get a car for you to engage in your self drive experience. You can as well consult with us and we shall advice you accordingly in order to come up with the best itinerary because you may not be familiar with the remotest destinations in Uganda.

When the time you set for traveling reaches, you simply pack your stuff and fly into Uganda where you will find a person waiting for you at the airport to sign a car rental agreement and then he hands over the vehicle to you and your safari begins there and then.

A self drive safari is another method of saving money on the great adventure, whereby tourists will save money that would have used for paying the driver guide. You only need to rent a 4×4 car in Uganda, a detailed travel map or GPS tracker from the car rental company at an affordable price per day but some car rental companies offer GPS for free to visitors who are booking the car for several days for instance 7 days. Also, travelers need an international driving permit and persons should be 18 years and above.

The friendliness of the Ugandan people is another thing that has made self drive trips in Uganda more famous. Ugandans are warm welcoming people, helpful and they can direct visitors in case they have taken a different direction that they were not supposed to take. English is the official language for Uganda and the largest population understands the language and this reduces the cases of language barrier.

Most interestingly, all the 10 national parks and other tourist sites in Uganda have tour guide for hire. With this, self drive safaris have become the most enjoyed experiences by many travelers in the country. You can get a guide for game drive and he or she can explain to you the behaviors of the wild animals in the wilderness. The park guides are well trained, skilled and equipped and above all they have wide knowledge about the product that visitors need to enjoy while in the destination. Most of them have been in the system for more than 5 year and this means they are experienced in the field.

Therefore, while planning to visit Uganda, include the exciting self drive trips and find out how it feels driving yourself to beautiful national parks of Uganda to view various stunning wildlife species. Enjoy the most flexible travel experiences with our self drive safari cars and you won’t regret in life! Travel confidently by reading our interesting tips!