5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Booking A Trip To Uganda

Planning African safari or road trip Uganda like any new destination can be that frustrating and in most cases, visitors make lots of mistakes when booking for their lifetime trips. However most of these mistakes can be avoided if you are enriched with all the Uganda Information that you need to plan your trip.

Selecting the wrong group

Group trips are exciting and amazing but it becomes a main issue when you land into a group that doesn’t accommodate your interest especially those with varying age groups. What is usually important if you want to travel as a group is for you to ensure that you are all of the same age bracket, have the same travel interests and a common goal of traveling. That said, make sure that when booking for a group trip, you choose the right group and definitely, you will have enjoyable safari in this pearl of Africa. Group tours usually come with advantages especially if are such a person who wants to cut down costs it is the best option the fact that you and other members can easily share some of the costs compared to if you booked your trip alone.

Not picking the best travel plan

A travel plan is a complete guide for your tour in Uganda and even in any country; you need one to have an organized road trip. Avoid short trips and make sure that your travel plan is flexible and allows you to engage in different activities. Uganda features diversity of attractions and unique destinations that are worth exploring while on your safari. That said; make sure that you at least book for a safari of about 7-14 days to allow you enjoy variety of attractions in this stunning country.

Booking a safari that has many smaller trips

Most people do not know that the 21 day tour comes with many smaller trips in between although it allows you to meet people, enjoy variety of attractions. The disadvantage with it is that it can be too exhausting. While it is everyone’s wish to explore activities, make sure that they are well planned to allow you rest and relax as some activities can be exhausting for instance gorilla trekking, mountaineering a mention but a few.

Booking a safari personally

While you may book a trip in Uganda on your own, this may come with much stress as well especially if you do not find that dream accommodation or if you miss a flight. To avoid being stressed at the end of the day, make sure that you book your trip with a ground tour operator and you will be at a safer hand. That said, we are one of the best ground tour companies that can take you through Uganda’s stunning destinations that include among other the ten national parks-Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park which are popular for wildlife safaris as well as Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park which are famous for mountain gorillas.

Not getting the fine print

While booking for a safari, visitors tend to be excited and they forget even to carryout research on the costs. Usually, majority of travelers get attracted to websites with low prices because they want to cut down the costs. However, note that some tour operators tend to display low cost with hidden costs which later are added and you get surprised when the figure hikes. That said, make sure that you cross check your travel plan well otherwise what you look at as budget tour may turn to be a luxury safari which you may not be prepared for. When planning for a trip, the cost is very key for one to consider before you make a booking.

Conclusively, while planning for a safari to Uganda or any African state, make sure that the above mistakes are avoided and you will have an ultimate safari experience.