An Amazing Journey to Rwanda

I have always wanted to go to Africa since I was a very little child. Something about the wild, untamed nature of the land made it a beacon ever calling out to me. I decided to finally answer the call this winter break when I decided to go on a safari in Rwanda. It was truly one of the most amazing things in my life. Traveling to Central Africa has got easier and you can easily book a flight to Rwanda with several airlines. The country’s national carrier, RwandAir offers affordable flights from Europe and the Middle East.

During my safari in this less known destination that is home to almost a third of the world’s remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas. A gorilla safari in Rwanda is a must do if you are thrill seeker. Go on a heart pounding experience of sitting amidst the gigantic apes in their natural home! This is one of the best rated wildlife experiences in the world.

Being able to walk through the forests, and walk among the people of Africa brought everything to a personal level for me.  I was able to see many primates in the amazing Nyungwe Forest National Park. A chimpanzee watching adventure in this tropical rain forest is one of the most enjoyable journeys that you cannot miss! Would you like to see experience the unique culture of the host community? Experience the African culture that includes the past and present lifestyle of the people Rwanda.  So many times I have seen the violence in Africa on the news, or heard of the diseases that ravage the people. To the contrast, Rwanda is totally a different destination. The Africa reported on TV is totally different from the “Real Africa”! You will find that African People are peaceful, welcoming and hospitable! The people of Rwanda are also generous and do love to show you their country.

Now that I have not only seen, but also experienced the positives of Africa, its wonderful beauty, wild creatures, and caring people made the entire experience one that I would highly recommend to anyone.  When my new girlfriend is comes over and show her pictures from the safari in Rwanda. She seems to be the type to really like adventure which is great because I need a woman that will want to go with me to new and exotic places.

The mall is just not my idea of a fun way to spend the weekend. All I need is to have a good, solid pair of adventuring clothes and maybe some extra boots in case mine get damaged. I try to wear steel toed boots when I can because you never know when a snake or something is going to pop out of the ground and try to get you. Those boots have saved my rear end on more than one occasion so you can bet that I will be wearing them all of the time out there.