Renting A Luxury Car For Your Next Holiday

Thinking of hiring a luxury car for your safari but wondering how best you can find one at relatively cheaper price? With everyone wishing to spend their holidays in that dream destination, getting there means you have to have a reliable Uganda car rental. For instance, Uganda’s tourist attractions and major safari destinations are situated far from city center and the best for to get here means you hiring a car for yourself. Depending on what your travel needs are at a destination, most importantly, our car rentals cover every traveler’s interests. We have wide range of car rentals not only luxury models but we get budget travelers also realize their dreams in this magical part of Africa. To find that classic and luxurious car rental, below is a guide for you check out;

Weigh options

Today, everyone wants to hit the road while in a luxurious car and most surprisingly, they come in relatively affordable rates than what you may imagine. You can find sports and luxury cars for rent in Kampala plus new luxury ones. Our fleet for luxury car rentals range from Benz, Nissan Patrol, ordinary Mercedes, Hammer, limousine to Land Cruisers VX among others.

Where to book for one

There are many big car rental companies in and around Kampala and many other big towns that you can deal with and you will find that dream car to hit the road. Alternatively, you can let your tour operator to do for you all that is required to find you that dream car for you as you sit back. You can browse online and you will have a display of list of reputable car rental companies and tour operators.

Rental rates

The cost for car rentals varies from company to company or even location. You therefore need to deal with a car hire company that is reputable, reliable and that offers competitive prices and come with better offers. Most luxurious models normally come with very high rates. In most cases, different companies display their rates online that offers a ground to make comparison to see which one has the best rates with better offers.


Luxury car rentals in most cases come with collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection. At times they come in higher rates and you can still reduce them to even zero with affordable, stand-alone excess waiver insurance and such policies usually cover excess claims. On the other hand, you may not easily find a stand-alone excess waiver cover for a vintage car for instance as policies here have age limit.

The other tips you need look through include;

To hire a luxury car, normally they come with higher age for instance you will be required to be 25 or even 30.

When you are making reservation, pay keen attention on words ‘or similar’ by the kind of car. In case you are targeting a specific model then go instead for a deal where it is guaranteed. Check for any upgrades provided at depots and you will realize that they are mostly for larger vehicles and not for premium brands.

When getting a standard car, they mostly cover unlimited mileage which in most cases isn’t there with top range cars. Therefore, make sure that you cross check prior making any reservation. Also, take note that even the fuel rates tend to be high for sports cars. Besides, they also come with limited space for baggage.

In conclusion, if you are planning or thinking of how to find that best luxurious car rental for your next safari in Uganda then you need to consider the above information.