Protecting Yourself While in a Rental Car

Need to know how best you can protect yourself from drunk drivers while driving a rental car? Road accidents accruing from drunk driving are ever increasing across the globe. Research indicates that about one third of all the automobile accidents are as a result of impaired driving. This call for you to be well-prepared for such instances while on a road trip in a 4×4 drive safari rental in any part of the world.

However much you might try to be disciplined, the decision of a drunk driver takes still puts you at high risk. But this doesn’t mean you should then keep off the road instead find different ways to safeguard yourself and this article provides such important advice/information.

Be on your seat belt

A seat belt to others may mean nothing but it can save your life. It is the first item to protect you and although you might not be in position to control whatever the impaired driver is doing on the road, the seat belts offer safety to you. Therefore, ensure that you have buckled properly your seatbelt every time you set off and make sure everyone traveling with you are on their seatbelts.

Keep a safer distance

When driving, it is fine to be behind another car but for your safety from drunk driver, ensure you pay keen attention. You can probably stay back a bit further distance from the next car. This can assist you notice how the next person is driving. For any strange signs of driving for instance swerving, trying to overtake others where it isn’t necessarily, ensure you keep further distance. In cases where your next colleague tends to be messing try to apply your defensive driving skills too.

Be careful at intersections

Studies show that drunk drivers are more prone to accidents at intersections in Somalia, Central African Republic, Chad, South Sudan and other countries. They normally fail to observing the traffic signals or stop signs. Never be on a rush while driving via an intersection and where possible take a look at other sides to be certain the road is clear.

Do not drive at night

Try as much as possible to avoid driving during late hours. This is the time most drivers tend to find themselves consuming much alcohol and then go ahead to drive mostly during weekends. Ensure you get to your destination earlier before the sets down.