Exploring Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the most exciting countries to tour in Africa. Since it has vast of attractions through this small country, it is one of the best destinations for primate safaris in Africa. Rwanda is an amazing destination for adventurous tourists given the bucketlist activities that you will tick off while on a safari in the county. The tourists’ dreams and expectations are never seized once he/she pays a visit to Rwanda.

For the past 20 years, a country that was much known for the 1994 Genocide has become a home for everyone who is interested in ecotourism and culture. When the tourist takes a Rwanda safari what he/she encounters are the natural environment and the cultural people of Rwanda all living in harmony.

The traveler can never tour Rwanda on a one day safari trip as there are very many attractions evenly distributed around the country. Rwanda has three national parks that are visited by the tourists that is the volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park and the Akagera national park and onto of the national parks there is a phenomenal cultural village of Iby’iwacu and also Kigali the capital city of Rwanda one can have a city tour.

Taking a drawback the national parks of Rwanda are amazing as each park has different animals that can give a tourist a different experience but there is one interesting and exciting national park that the tourist cannot miss on a Rwanda safari and that is the volcanoes national park the home of the elusive mountain gorillas. Volcanoes national park is the most popular national park in Rwanda and this is a home to one of the most endangered species of animals that is the mountain gorillas. This park is located in the northeastern part of the country a 2 hours drive from the capital of Kigali. As the tourist reaches this park he/she gets a very captivating experience. The all atmosphere around the national park makes the tourist get Goosebumps as all gorilla trackers are excited to meet the mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes national park has 320 mountain gorillas which is a third of the world’s gorilla population and remember these wonderful animals are only found in Rwanda Uganda and the DR Congo but Rwanda makes gorilla trekking more exciting as it is easy to encounter the gorillas in Rwanda compared to any other countries.

One may wonder what makes the mountain gorillas so special in that many people yearn for them around the world. Gorillas are such intelligent animals in that where you observe them in the jungle you get mesmerized as they are such organized animals in their social setting and the way they do their daily activities. These are some of the facts about the gorillas: gorillas in captivity can comprehend 2000 human signs and language a case study of koko the gorillas which was tamed by one American primatologist in the 1980s. Gorillas use tools to help them gather food or built shelter for example gorillas use tree branches to get some fruits out of reach and also termites and ants in the holes. Gorillas can never mate with another gorilla from the same family lineage. With those facts one can get an insight of how intelligent the gorillas are.

So come to Rwanda and encounter the man’s closes cousins in the animal kingdom. There are a lot of activities to do with gorillas that meet and greet, take photos on a luck day play with the young gorillas. it can never be enough fun when you meet the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and it is why traveling to volcanoes national park is called  the ecstasy of a Rwanda safari