Rwanda is a beautiful country with plenty to do and see all year round. However, its becomes more special & magical once hikes and treks are embraced. The lovely hills known for great views and stunning landscapes make your arrival even more cherished. The scenic ride to Ruhengeri the land of gorillas will draw you’re a tension close the real beauty of a great African country and getting into contact with the mountain gorillas will take your breath away to the extent of imagination. The bamboo forest appearance makes the trek more interesting making hikes a walk over. Truly Rwanda is simply the best with its exciting tourist activities including gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee tracking, Golden monkey tracking, Bird watching, Cultural entertainments, Genocide sites and beach spot activities.

The dry season (June-October & December march) is a wonderful time to enjoy a safari in Rwanda attractions to your fullest with the bright sun giving opportunity to capture the finest sun set views especially when you spend a relaxing evening at Lake Kivu. Dewy mornings inviting you out to explore magical forests of Nyungwe and volcanoes in search of both Gorillas and chimpanzees. The sun won’t have risen yet so its fun to marvel in the wet leaves in such of the great apes. However, even though you visit the country during the low rainy season, the experience will be same.

A hike to Karisimbi and Bisoke is another impressive activity which you can take on after your Gorilla tracking safari. It needs when you fit enough with a minimum of two porters since they are quite challenging. You can also Diany fossey researches centre since it’s situated close to the Gorilla park. A cultural entertainment is also ideal for an evening after the trek and highly recommended activity to all tourists who love cultural dances. If you a fun of beach sports, Lake Kivu beach welcomes you after the trek a place with a lot of water activities sun bathing, boat cruise, Island discoveries and many others. If night pops it’s the order of the day to relax as you take your favourite drink. However always chose the right lodge which will make you feel at home. Comfort should be the order of the day, delicious foods, timely deliveries just in line with your wishes .The rooms should be clean enough and fresh to the extent that you extend stay for a few day.

Above all in Rwanda all tourists’ activities are done year round no matter when you book and when you start your holiday, Just plan well and you will enjoy every minute. For those with limited time still Rwanda is a place to be since you can discover the countries best attractions in just a day. Also a circuit to visit all the country national parks can be done in a minimum of 6 days   starting with a visit to Akagera national park followed by Nyungwe   national park and end with Volcanoes national park. Why not take a week off and discover the land of great views and   become an inspirational person to others not only in your family but worldwide. The country is safe and the most clean in Africa and a tourist visas can be got upon arrival with a 90 days validity. Start now and you will make it one day