Explore Rwanda, the Land of Impressive Attractions

You can only see the countries beauty after giving it a visit and the same applies to Rwanda a small country with a lot of   unique tourist attractions ready to be explored every day .The country has the most   amazing scenery, impressive landscapes and an exceptional national parks which give life time meaning to all travelers who visit Rwanda for Tours and safaris. Being one of the most attractive counties in Africa, boasting magnificent mountains, volcanoes, dramatic landscapes, bamboo forest, culture and stunning beaches, it is a   paradise for Gorilla safari tours and a home to 13 other primates including the Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys in their Nature wild habitats where you can envision their Behaviors in their uncontrolled environments with some primates relating more closely to humans as we are assumed ancestors.

As visited by thousands as one of the most beautiful places on earth for hikes and adventure, Rwanda’s lovely beach Lake Livu is fun for Honeymoon tourists and other seeking complete rest and relaxation. Golden monkey trekking, Bird watching, hiking the volcano, Game viewing, Chimpanzee tracking, Genocide site & Museums visit, Gorilla safari tracking, Community walks, forest walks, Boat cruise, cycling and culture tours are all popular visitor activities. Besides photographers call it the Africa paradise due to the countries wealth of natural beauty.

A wide number of Tourists come to Rwanda in January, February, March , June, July August, September , October December every year a time which is considered to be the best to visit Africa due to less rain and cool weather. Lodges ,hotels and restaurants are too busy that even some tourist miss out to stay in their favourite lodges and hotels. When it comes to the Gorilla permits the demand is too elevated and permits are based on first come first serve basis. Other tourist activities can be booked and done immediately though it can sometimes disorganize your day’s program having booked late or left out. Many tours are organized to all Rwanda attractions even the unexploited all you need is to plan well with a right Tour operator.

It’s magical to combine wildlife, culture and community adventures so that you can discover the countries best kept secret in all corners. The connectivity   between attractions is very easy since they are found just close to each other. Rwanda tours are affordable and unique each with a charming experience bit family, sole or group tour. The other interesting side of the Rwanda holidays is making new friends just after landing at Kigali international airport, the first friend you meet your Driver guide who will take you through the entire holiday followed by others you meet while on tour and during community projects. However the main aspect of any holiday is fun and happiness which is the order of day when you chose to visit the magnificent Rwanda attractions.