Hire a Car in Rwanda to Make Your Trip Suitable

Looking to traveling Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is one of the destinations that you should not miss when you visit Africa. This small nation in Central Africa offers amazing experiences to tourists looking to memorable holidays. The northern part of the country is home to the endangered mountain gorillas and this […]

The 6 Most Popular Places to Visit in Uganda

Famously known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is the 3rd largest country in East Africa. This relatively small country is one of the best adventure travel destinations due to its unique wildlife, ┬ádiverse landscape scenery and incredible beauty. Uganda is most famous for its wildlife most especially the mountain gorillas that live in two […]

5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Booking A Trip To Uganda

Planning African safari or road trip Uganda like any new destination can be that frustrating and in most cases, visitors make lots of mistakes when booking for their lifetime trips. However most of these mistakes can be avoided if you are enriched with all the Uganda Information that you need to plan your trip. Selecting […]