Planning a Gorilla Trekking Safari in Africa

Within the whole world, gorilla trekking safaris are carried out in three countries including Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable National park, Rwanda in Volcanoes National park and in Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Would you like to plan a visit to these great apes in Africa? Here is a complete guide to planning a gorilla visit answering all the important questions that are asked by the trekkers before going on gorilla trekking expeditions;

What is the Best Time to See Gorillas

The gorillas can be visited anytime of the year. This is due to that most countries where gorilla treks aee conducted are found in the tropics. Please note that most visitors prefer visiting the gorillas during the dry season. The dry season stretches from June to October and January to March. Also note that it can also rain any day of the year due to the changes in climate. Therefore there is no time of the year to avoid traveling. The months of May and April are the rainiest months of the year. However a few trekkers who visit during these months enjoy the treks given that the gorillas move shorter distances because of existence of plenty of food.

Do I need to be fit to track the mountain gorillas?

All the tourists need to have a level of fitness and the willingness to hike the muddy slopes and through the varied vegetation and the terrain. The mountain gorillas also live on relatively high altitude within the montane forests of Bwindi and the Virunga Region. You will find that most treks take you to areas of high altitude and thusa reasonable degree of fitness is needed.

Is it a guarantee to see the gorillas when you set out?

The gorillas live in their natural habitats and so it’s not also a guarantee that you will view them though we have never heard of any situation were the tourists regret their treks. To help in making sure of this, the trackers set off at dawn and then locate the groups and then radio call their GPS coordinates to the park headquarters, so this means that when you set off for the trek with the guide, you know where you are headed. The trekkers also stay with the gorillas though they are not moving.

All in all there are 95% chances that you will meet the mountain gorillas on a single trek. If you do not see the gorillas on your first trek, you are given a chance to try out your luck the next day.

What type of clothing should I wear?

For the safety of the camera, a waterproof day pack is important. Also pack water bottles and snacks as well. At just a small fee, the porters can be helpful in carrying the luggage to the steep slopes. The waterproof jacket will help you with the muddy and rained slopes. Also wear long trousers to be able to guard your legs against the nettles and the T-shirt with the long sleeved shirt over the top.

Is there a minimum or maximum age of visiting the gorillas?

Trekking is also the mostly done activity by the people with 6 years and above and there is also no elasticity to this rule.this is also the same with Rwanda and Uganda and is also being enforced by the National parks. There is no upper age limit.

Do I need a gorilla permit?

You must also obtain a gorilla permit to be able to visit the gorillas and its only 8 tourists that are allowed to see the gorillas per group per day. You must also secure a gorilla permit 4 months before you intend to travel and we can secure that you have the permit before you travel. The permits in Uganda cost $600 and this goes directly towards the conservation of the habitants, anti-poaching efforts and education of the local communities.

Will this be covered by my travel insurance?

It’s also vital that your travel insurance does cover you for gorilla trekking as they may need an additional premium to be paid.

Can you track the gorillas when feeling unwell?

This is a no, the gorillas are so vulnerable to Human diseases and even something that is so minor to us is so dangerous to them. You also need to take care of yourself before the safari and avoid getting sick. You need to warn your guide in case you are feeling unwell.

How big are the mountain gorilla tracking groups?

There is also a maximum of 8 people in Uganda and Rwanda.

How much distance is my accommodation to the park headquarters?

You will also be located in the easy access to the park headquarters, but the distance will also depend on which accommodation you chose. The distance to the headquarters will also vary from a one minute walk to an hour.

How long can I spend with the gorillas?

Once you meet with the gorillas, you will be given I hour to spend with them. We also recommend that you track them twice and this also means that the second time, you can also ignore photos and then concentrate on enjoying the adventure.

Exploring Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the most exciting countries to tour in Africa. Since it has vast of attractions through this small country, it is one of the best destinations for primate safaris in Africa. Rwanda is an amazing destination for adventurous tourists given the bucketlist activities that you will tick off while on a safari in the county. The tourists’ dreams and expectations are never seized once he/she pays a visit to Rwanda.

For the past 20 years, a country that was much known for the 1994 Genocide has become a home for everyone who is interested in ecotourism and culture. When the tourist takes a Rwanda safari what he/she encounters are the natural environment and the cultural people of Rwanda all living in harmony.

The traveler can never tour Rwanda on a one day safari trip as there are very many attractions evenly distributed around the country. Rwanda has three national parks that are visited by the tourists that is the volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park and the Akagera national park and onto of the national parks there is a phenomenal cultural village of Iby’iwacu and also Kigali the capital city of Rwanda one can have a city tour.

Taking a drawback the national parks of Rwanda are amazing as each park has different animals that can give a tourist a different experience but there is one interesting and exciting national park that the tourist cannot miss on a Rwanda safari and that is the volcanoes national park the home of the elusive mountain gorillas. Volcanoes national park is the most popular national park in Rwanda and this is a home to one of the most endangered species of animals that is the mountain gorillas. This park is located in the northeastern part of the country a 2 hours drive from the capital of Kigali. As the tourist reaches this park he/she gets a very captivating experience. The all atmosphere around the national park makes the tourist get Goosebumps as all gorilla trackers are excited to meet the mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes national park has 320 mountain gorillas which is a third of the world’s gorilla population and remember these wonderful animals are only found in Rwanda Uganda and the DR Congo but Rwanda makes gorilla trekking more exciting as it is easy to encounter the gorillas in Rwanda compared to any other countries.

One may wonder what makes the mountain gorillas so special in that many people yearn for them around the world. Gorillas are such intelligent animals in that where you observe them in the jungle you get mesmerized as they are such organized animals in their social setting and the way they do their daily activities. These are some of the facts about the gorillas: gorillas in captivity can comprehend 2000 human signs and language a case study of koko the gorillas which was tamed by one American primatologist in the 1980s. Gorillas use tools to help them gather food or built shelter for example gorillas use tree branches to get some fruits out of reach and also termites and ants in the holes. Gorillas can never mate with another gorilla from the same family lineage. With those facts one can get an insight of how intelligent the gorillas are.

So come to Rwanda and encounter the man’s closes cousins in the animal kingdom. There are a lot of activities to do with gorillas that meet and greet, take photos on a luck day play with the young gorillas. it can never be enough fun when you meet the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and it is why traveling to volcanoes national park is called  the ecstasy of a Rwanda safari

5 Reasons Why Uganda is the Best Budget Gorilla Safari Destination

Though there other gorilla trekking spots in Africa, Uganda is now the most known safe budget gorilla safari destination in the world offering amazing treks in the untamed jungle rain forest filled with wonderful habitats and tour activities. On your safari, Visit Bwindi Gorillas and get a chance to see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. There are also several experiences that you can add onto your trip! Look into the eyes of the silver back, meet the Batwa and become part of their day life on a single safari in Uganda. Being a jungle forest guest and witness the playful character of wild creatures as well as supporting conservation is an incredible experience that impact lives.

The budget history is the reason you’ll love the country and its beautiful attractions.Your dream can actually be more affordable than your thought. If you planning to visit, focus on how to do a Budget safari in Uganda one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.

Cheap Gorilla Permits

Mountain gorillas and the process of seeing them in their protected area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has always seemed to be too costly for only big spenders but you can go gorilla trekking in Uganda just like others and spend a minimum of $1000 all inclusive. The low gorilla permits prices in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park has made it easy for everyone to track gorillas any time of the year. It doesn’t matter how you get to the park but once you get there and track gorillas, the experience is extremely amazing. So feel free to book your Uganda budget safari, backpacking or private tour depending on your budget and interest and get the best.

Affordable Transport

In Uganda the cheapest transport option is road trip.There are various means of transport to use including car hire private vehicles, public means, and private where you book a full package safari to a destinations of your interest. However the road network to conservation areas and tourist attractions is great enabling tourists to access them any time of the year. Even in the rainy season the roads are passable. Hiring a vehicle in Uganda per day costs from $40-$100 per day depending on the type of vehicle you want to use.

Numerous Affordable Accommodations

Accommodations are an aspect where you can save on while in Uganda for a safaris and reputable hostels in National parks and city centers cost from $15 per night while budget lodges and campsites go for $30-$100 per night on or full board and Bed and Breakfast. Hotel and lodge owners understand the financial struggle of wanderlusters the reason for many affordable accommodations across the country. Once you around, you will definitely admit that these accommodations are romantic and you experience the best of Africa in tent or Banda facility.

Plenty of Foods & Drink

Uganda is known for many good things but the cuisine isn’t exactly one of them though the country has variety in its kitchens. There are many local markets with fresh produce and groceries so you can be your own chief if you plan to go camping. Alternatively be ready to taste the daily delicious meals at your lodge of residence as you discover the hidden gems of the country. For breakfast, Lunch and dinner $15 per person per day is just enough.

No Entrance Fee on amazing attractions

Bwindi Forest National park is actually the most visited attraction in Uganda with no park entrance fee. Tourist enjoy tracking mountain gorillas and stay around for a while exploring the park natural beauties without worrying of park entrance fee. Because no trip to Uganda is complete without seeing mountain gorillas, make sure your travel interest to Uganda is a combination of gorilla trekking and other tourist attractions. Once you meet up with gorillas the terrific feeling just make you get used to what nature presents.

However the choice of where to go for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda vary according to different tourist activities done within the park. Once you visit Mgahinga National Park you will be amazed by Batwa cultural tradition, golden monkeys, volcanoes hikes and gorilla trekking while in Bwindi National Park the moment with gorillas is the most cherished, Batwa cultural trail, Nature walk, waterfall hikes, cycling, riding a bicycle for a woman, and community retreats.

Road Tripping with Self Drive Uganda

Uganda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa. Its size isn’t the issue but its remarkable wildlife species is something to talk about. Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa and taking a self drive trip down to one of its 10 magnificent national parks to view some of the most outstanding wild creatures that have positioned this landlocked country on the world map. Besides wildlife species, Uganda also offers the most stunning scenery and exciting cultural encounters. For birders, there is no need to doubt about this small country, you will find over 10 of the world’s popular bid species in various habitats and most importantly the big game-elephants, leopards, tree climbing lions, cape buffaloes and rhinos. As well, never forget to spark imaginations with the charismatic mountain gorillas in the wild.

Surprisingly, the new trend of exploring the country on your own on self drive tours has come up and become of importance. With self drive safaris, visitors do not simply sit back and being driven by the tour guide, but it is time for visitor himself to hit the road on his own with guide of a GPS.

Self drive tours are also referred as road trips, whereby when tourist comes with an idea of traveling to given destination with the aim of discovering that particular destination’s attractions. Travelers do everything on their own including planning the itinerary, getting accommodation, time to travel and what time to be where. After you are done with planning, you simply contact Self Drive Uganda to only get a car for you to engage in your self drive experience. You can as well consult with us and we shall advice you accordingly in order to come up with the best itinerary because you may not be familiar with the remotest destinations in Uganda.

When the time you set for traveling reaches, you simply pack your stuff and fly into Uganda where you will find a person waiting for you at the airport to sign a car rental agreement and then he hands over the vehicle to you and your safari begins there and then.

A self drive safari is another method of saving money on the great adventure, whereby tourists will save money that would have used for paying the driver guide. You only need to rent a 4×4 car in Uganda, a detailed travel map or GPS tracker from the car rental company at an affordable price per day but some car rental companies offer GPS for free to visitors who are booking the car for several days for instance 7 days. Also, travelers need an international driving permit and persons should be 18 years and above.

The friendliness of the Ugandan people is another thing that has made self drive trips in Uganda more famous. Ugandans are warm welcoming people, helpful and they can direct visitors in case they have taken a different direction that they were not supposed to take. English is the official language for Uganda and the largest population understands the language and this reduces the cases of language barrier.

Most interestingly, all the 10 national parks and other tourist sites in Uganda have tour guide for hire. With this, self drive safaris have become the most enjoyed experiences by many travelers in the country. You can get a guide for game drive and he or she can explain to you the behaviors of the wild animals in the wilderness. The park guides are well trained, skilled and equipped and above all they have wide knowledge about the product that visitors need to enjoy while in the destination. Most of them have been in the system for more than 5 year and this means they are experienced in the field.

Therefore, while planning to visit Uganda, include the exciting self drive trips and find out how it feels driving yourself to beautiful national parks of Uganda to view various stunning wildlife species. Enjoy the most flexible travel experiences with our self drive safari cars and you won’t regret in life! Travel confidently by reading our interesting tips!

Planning a Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the smallest country in Africa when it comes to size but in nature and tourism it is a very rich nation with vast of wildlife. The mountain gorillas are one of the tourism product that make it very famous since these animals are a beauty to watch and hang around with them and also they are almost getting extinct. Many people travel to the Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda to eagerly see these animals before they become history. Although gorillas are awesome to see one has to plan for a gorilla tour to be enjoyable for him/her.

Before you take up a gorilla tour you have to get all the information about Rwanda and its tourism industry that is the visa requirements, accommodation facilities, the money currency, people and their culture, the weather and many more. One can get this information from friends who have ever been to Rwanda, tourism magazines and also through the internet.

Then after you seek information about core reason as to why you have to go to Rwanda that is the gorillas. Here you will to know the history of gorillas in Rwanda, how they behave and more so the places they inhabit in Rwanda that is the volcanoes national park and Virunga National Park. You make up a choice which place will go to Virunga or Volcanoes National Park.  This will help you to get what you will need like cameras, back pack, jungle clothes and many more tools.

Booking the gorilla permit

You have to book a permit as early as possible like 6 months before the really tracking. You will have to contact Rwanda development Agency for booking and it can also be done through a tour company like ours. As long as you are 15 years and above you are eligible for gorilla trekking. Normally in July the competition is high for the gorilla permits and it can cost one 750 US dollars and in November it is low you can easily get a discount of up to 350 US dollars.

Planning for your transportation to the gorilla trekking. Asyou will need 4×4 vehicle since the national parks are found in remote areas so the roads are muddy and raged. So you can hire a land cruiser, rav4 or a super custom in case you are many.

Alternatively you can take a public vehicle from Kigali to Musanze town where you will hire a special cab of 4×4 that will lead to volcanoes national park.

Booking where to stay during gorilla trekking. As you go for a gorilla safari you will need where to sleep after gorilla trekking for example you taking a 3 days safari. There are many hotels and lodges situated in Rwanda since the national parks are near Kigali you can book a hotel in the city. There hotels like hotel des Mille Collines, Kigali Serena hotel, hotel Chez Lando, grand legacy hotel and many more.  One can opt to stay near the national park they also hotel to stay in.

Hiring helpers or porters and trekking. Normally you will need porters for carrying your packs and walking sticks since moving around the hilly terrains is hectic. Ti takes a lot of time to find the gorillas as sometimes It can take about 3-8 hours to the gorillas.

Finally joining the gorilla trekking to get ready for the excursion around the hilly bushes to the huge primates. You will be guided by the gorilla patron.

Good planning can really make your gorilla tour in Rwanda enjoyable and educative.

Best 5 Tourist Activities to Do in Uganda

If there is that one complete travel destination that you must pay a visit while on your holiday in Africa then Uganda is one of them. While on your Uganda Safari vacation, expect more just exciting activities in this magical country. For a test of time, Uganda has stood among a few most sought after safari destinations by tourists due to its memorable experiences. Among many include;

Gorilla trekking

When you think of a safari in Africa, Uganda is that one unique destination that you should consider a must to include in your bucket list. A face to face encounter with the rare mountain gorillas in the wilderness is such a magical experience that anyone on African safari shouldn’t miss in life. Uganda boasts of more than 480 individuals of Great apes and this represents about half of all the rare mountain gorillas that thrive in the world today. What is interesting is that trekkers on gorilla safari in the pearl of Africa have all the two choices for them to strike their imaginations with these magnificent creatures in the wild. For magical experiences with these unique species in Uganda, count Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park a must to include in your travel plan. You can be part of this memorable adventure at only $600 and only if you are above 15 years! If you want to enhance your experiences further, there is Gorilla Habituation Experience for you to enjoy. It experience takes you through the whole day while exploring the semi habituated family and 4 hours of face to face encounter with the Great apes. This experience costs $1500 per visitor and only conducted in Bushaho and Bikingi gorilla group.

White water rafting

For adventure seekers, Uganda is a true adventure paradise and if you are planning for your next vacation in this magical country consider white water rafting a must in your travel plan and you won’t regret in life. When it comes to thrilling experiences, white water rafting is incomparably the most memorable adventure that you should think about while on safari in Africa. Imagine how amazing and exciting it is to wash yourself with the water of the mighty River Nile along as you raft through the powerful rapids for about 21 kilometers if you prefer the whole day experience.

Mountain climbing/mountaineering

While on safari in Uganda, adventure seekers are never left stranded. If you want challenge yourself, then the Rwenzori Mountain range is such a magical and the most exceptional place for you not to miss to explore. If you have ever thought of dramatic views then all that is defined at the spectacular snow capped Margherita peak. To hike to this magical peak, you will need at 7-9 days and at end of it all, your life won’t be the same. Besides, there are also other remarkable areas for you to realize your dreams and they include Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda and splendid Sipi falls as well as Mgahinga, Muhavura and Sabyinyo which make up part of the Virunga Massifs. To be part of this life changing adventure, you should be physically well.

Boat cruise

When it comes to Uganda safaris, a boat cruise is that one most exciting and memorable experience you should think of. This experience in Uganda is mainly conducted in areas like Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Victoria, Ssese Island, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park a mention but a few. While on this lovely experience, you will be amazed by remarkable views of hippos, crocodiles as they are relaxed at the river banks as well as water bucks and several aquatic bird species especially fish eagles, kingfishers.

Game drives

Uganda is undeniably one of the excellent safari destinations and when it comes to African safaris, a game drive should be a must to include in your travel plan. Usually safaris to see the big game in the wild come first in the list of the most memorable experiences in Uganda.  Game drives in Uganda are best done in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Semuliki Valley National Park. While on a game drive in Uganda, expect to catch a glimpse at wildlife species such as elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, lions, rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and not to forget giraffes, zebras, mongoose, spotted hyenas, warthogs, antelope families and bird species.

In conclusion, while on safari in Uganda, expect to enjoy a wide range of unique activities that will leave a memory in you. To realize your dreams in this magical nation, contact one of our receptionists and we shall help you arrange a safari for you in any destination of your choice.

Hire a Car in Rwanda to Make Your Trip Suitable

Looking to traveling Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is one of the destinations that you should not miss when you visit Africa. This small nation in Central Africa offers amazing experiences to tourists looking to memorable holidays. The northern part of the country is home to the endangered mountain gorillas and this is the best place in Africa to see these great apes in their natural wild.

If you are thinking of traveling Rwanda, one of the new options of venturing into this country is to take a guided trip or a self drive tour in the country. With the growing use of car rentals, it is important to be in the know how you can make your trip very relaxing, enjoyable and calm since the main motive is to have a good time and relieve off stress.

Ground transportation is one of the items one has to engage in while on the trip and there are two means of ground transportation one has to use that is public transport and renting a car. Although public transport is cheap, it has so many disadvantages for one making a trip but they are can be amended by car hire which is more convenient, reliable and safe to use.  Like in other parts of Africa, traveling Rwanda using public transport makes travel difficult given that there is low connectivity between the destinations.

This is how hire car makes your trip suitable! You will have the freedom to explore the country on your own and there is also a lot of flexibility that comes with car travel. The moment you are ready to departure it is there to transfer you. Take an example for airport transfer, when you get out of the airport terminal, prebooked car rental in Rwanda is at your service without wasting anytime which might be the case of public means where you have to wait for the bus or cab to come as you queue up for boarding.

When one has visited a foreign country, he/she does not know the various routes that lead to destination and it is only a car hire to help out as it has well experienced chauffeurs that know all the routes to various destination in Rwanda so you can reach any destination without losing your bearing and with easy. For the case of self drive in Rwanda, car hire offers GPS navigators that have up-to-date maps and routes of different destinations in Rwanda.

There are no bounds or limitations if you hire a car in Rwanda as you are free to travel to any destination at any given time at your pace. By the latter, one is likely to cover a wide range of attractions on the trip.

You travel in a car of your own choice as the car hire companies offer variety of cars to choose from. These have both economy and luxury car that are so nice. One is able to travel in car that best suits his/her purpose of travel and taste and preference. This makes one travel with a huge peace of mind and contentment.

Do not use public transport for your trip although it saves you money when car hire services are in place. Everyone need to be in his/her comfortable zone while have a good time and this can only be yielded by hiring a car in Rwanda to make your trip suitable.

The 6 Most Popular Places to Visit in Uganda

Famously known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is the 3rd largest country in East Africa. This relatively small country is one of the best adventure travel destinations due to its unique wildlife,  diverse landscape scenery and incredible beauty. Uganda is most famous for its wildlife most especially the mountain gorillas that live in two protected areas. It is well known that Uganda hosts almost half of the mountain gorilla population in the world. The country is full of amazing safari opportunities for every kind of traveler whether you are an adventure seeker or a leisure holiday maker. Uganda stands out as the country with friendliest people, rich history, culture and food. There is a lot of debate about the places to visit Uganda with each traveler preferring his list! However the Uganda Guide lists the best six places not to miss in Uganda that you need to discover and get to see lots of the best kept secrets of the country.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most famous of Uganda’s national parks. This UNESCO world heritage site is definitely a must visit for travelers looking to see the wild mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The impenetrable forest is an ancient rainforest with diverse ecosystems that provide home to 400 individuals half of the world’s mountain gorilla population.

Gorilla trekking is the most popular wildlife tour with a guarantee to encounter some of the 14 gorilla families which have been habituated. You can trek gorillas for 1 hour or up to 4 hours with trackers and researcher when you book for habituation experience.

The best way to visit these endangered primates is an organized tour and knowing the area you’re going to trek gorillas from.

Rwenzori Mountains National park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1991. The park covers an area of 120 square km and protects a natural of wonder of the world. Mount Rwenzori’s permanent glaciated peaks of Mgherita rises at 5,109 meters above sea level are the 3rd tallest in Africa. Due to permanent melting snow, the area is largest store of fresh water with several glacial lakes and source of many rivers and streams including the Nile the longest in the world. Rwenzori has all the five distinctive types of montane vegetation zones making this place a natural botanical haven hotspot for hikers, tropical snow mountain climbers, nature lovers, botanists, geographers. Anyone who wants just to enjoy wonderful scenery and seeing rare birds, mammals, reptiles such as three horned chameleon should not miss visiting the Rwenzori.

Source of the Nile

The River Nile is the longest in the world (6,650 sq km and a natural wonder of the world. The real source of the Nile is found in Jinja town a beautiful town to spend a weekend holiday. Jinja is a historical town in Eastern Uganda! The explorers of the 18th century first visited the country looking for the source of the Nile till John Speke made it to the point at Jinja in 1862. There are lots of things to do in Jinja. Top adventure activities include boat cruising, kayaking, sport fishing, and safe swimming, bungee jump, horseback riding, all terrain quad biking and cycling tours that can be arranged on request. If you want to spend more time on the water, book a two day house boat safari with food and accommodation are onboard fun way to enjoy sunset and visiting local fishing villages.

Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon’s Wagagai peak rises at a height of 4,321 meters above sea level. It is the 8th tallest in Africa and features the largest caldera in the world. For adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, this remarkable geological formation created by volcanic eruptions around 65 million years ago has a variety of scenery including cliffs, caves, waterfalls, hot springs, gorges and natural pools, peaks, calderas that make up the giant mountain scenery truly the best in Africa. Some of these features look like they belong to an alien landscape.

There are several hiking trails for visitors to explore this rich natural beauty of Uganda. Hikers going to the summit require spending at least 5-7 days on the mountain. Bring your own tents or hire one upon arrival. No technical equipment is needed to hike this mountain. There are porters, cooks to hire and you’re escorted by rangers and guides.

Lake Bunyonyi

This is the “Swtitzerland of Africa”! This is the second deepest fresh water lake in Africa with 900 meters in depth. Lake Bunyonyi consists of 19 islands and the surrounding terraced rolling hills create admirable scenery. The lakeside makes it possible for you spend nights on a trip in one of the resorts, camps, home stays and lodges. Many of them offer a traditional touch and arrange village visits for you to discover history and culture of the rural people including school children and Batwa pygmies. Tourism is helping to bring market for their fresh vegetables and fruits, honey and meat.

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the safest lakes for swimming in East Africa. The water has no parasites, crocodiles or hippos but with lots of birds African fish eagle, sunbirds and weaver birds. Visitors can take boat rides or traditional canoes to several islands in afternoon or morning. You can enjoy swimming, nature walks, hiking, birding, biking,

Murchison Falls National Park

One of the best wildlife viewing parks in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park is the most beautiful and scenic national park. Named after the Spectacular Murchison Falls, the park has diverse habitats which include Nile-Delta wetland, dry savannah plains dotted with palms and acacia. The Nile runs through the park giving life to wildlife including 76 species of mammals and 451 birds.

Game drives with a ranger offer sightings of elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, giraffes, Uganda Kob among several antelopes, hartebeest. You can take nature walks that are great ways to spot rare birds like shoebill stork is usually spotted in the delta swamp.

There are lots of more places to explore in Uganda and the above are just some of the interesting destinations that you can choose from to put on your list!

5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Booking A Trip To Uganda

Planning African safari or road trip Uganda like any new destination can be that frustrating and in most cases, visitors make lots of mistakes when booking for their lifetime trips. However most of these mistakes can be avoided if you are enriched with all the Uganda Information that you need to plan your trip.

Selecting the wrong group

Group trips are exciting and amazing but it becomes a main issue when you land into a group that doesn’t accommodate your interest especially those with varying age groups. What is usually important if you want to travel as a group is for you to ensure that you are all of the same age bracket, have the same travel interests and a common goal of traveling. That said, make sure that when booking for a group trip, you choose the right group and definitely, you will have enjoyable safari in this pearl of Africa. Group tours usually come with advantages especially if are such a person who wants to cut down costs it is the best option the fact that you and other members can easily share some of the costs compared to if you booked your trip alone.

Not picking the best travel plan

A travel plan is a complete guide for your tour in Uganda and even in any country; you need one to have an organized road trip. Avoid short trips and make sure that your travel plan is flexible and allows you to engage in different activities. Uganda features diversity of attractions and unique destinations that are worth exploring while on your safari. That said; make sure that you at least book for a safari of about 7-14 days to allow you enjoy variety of attractions in this stunning country.

Booking a safari that has many smaller trips

Most people do not know that the 21 day tour comes with many smaller trips in between although it allows you to meet people, enjoy variety of attractions. The disadvantage with it is that it can be too exhausting. While it is everyone’s wish to explore activities, make sure that they are well planned to allow you rest and relax as some activities can be exhausting for instance gorilla trekking, mountaineering a mention but a few.

Booking a safari personally

While you may book a trip in Uganda on your own, this may come with much stress as well especially if you do not find that dream accommodation or if you miss a flight. To avoid being stressed at the end of the day, make sure that you book your trip with a ground tour operator and you will be at a safer hand. That said, we are one of the best ground tour companies that can take you through Uganda’s stunning destinations that include among other the ten national parks-Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park which are popular for wildlife safaris as well as Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park which are famous for mountain gorillas.

Not getting the fine print

While booking for a safari, visitors tend to be excited and they forget even to carryout research on the costs. Usually, majority of travelers get attracted to websites with low prices because they want to cut down the costs. However, note that some tour operators tend to display low cost with hidden costs which later are added and you get surprised when the figure hikes. That said, make sure that you cross check your travel plan well otherwise what you look at as budget tour may turn to be a luxury safari which you may not be prepared for. When planning for a trip, the cost is very key for one to consider before you make a booking.

Conclusively, while planning for a safari to Uganda or any African state, make sure that the above mistakes are avoided and you will have an ultimate safari experience.